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The Treachery of Christians

Slander, lying, character assassination, reputation destruction is a form of murder and breaks God's commandments

In Psalm 41 and Psalm 55, among many of David’s most heartfelt and anguished prayers to God during times of deep distress and agonizing trials, David laments the additional burden of treachery – slander, lying, character assassination, reputation destruction – of everybody in his life, even the people that he could supposedly trust and count on.

Supposedly, we should be able to trust fellow Christians not to slander, lie, assassinate character and destroy reputations by just pulling something out of thin air and spreading it as gossip and rumors to Christians about other Christians.

If you suppose and believe that then you’re wrong. I don’t know why someone who claims to follow Christ would do this to a brother or a sister in the faith, but it happens. A lot.

I recently found out that this was/is (who knows?) happening to me. The lie that was told/is being told is completely false with absolutely no facts to support what this person said.

How do I know? Because the subject was something I discuss only with God and Jesus Christ and no human being.

So this person just made something up and decided to spread it as truth about me.

Slander destroys everyone involvedThey lied. They slandered me. They assassinated my character. They deliberately set out to destroy my reputation.

I don’t know who it was/is. I stay out of people’s way and stay under the radar so that I don’t bother anybody and, in fact, I stay as invisible as possible. It’s the only way I know how to try to humanly protect myself among humans and Christians.

So I don’t know what provoked this malicious attack of lies, slander, character assassination, and reputation destruction. 

But when outright and damaging lies like this come to my attention, it reaffirms that fact that I am right to be extremely wary of everyone who breathes for a living and that Jesus Christ and God are the only beings in the entire universe that I can really completely trust.

The damage of treachery goes way deeper than we may realize.

My first reaction was feeling like someone shot a bullet through my heart because of my total surprise at such a blatant and unfounded lie.

My second reaction was “show me the proof of what you said about me, because if I’ve lost my mind enough to completely have no memory what you say I’ve repeatedly done, then someone just needs to shoot me and put me out of my misery.”

My third reaction was “Exactly when did God give you the ability to decide what my motivation is or isn’t?”

My last reaction was “If you think you know so much about the internal workings of my life, then I will most happily step aside and you’re welcome to live it out to its end.”

It took about 30 seconds for all of these reactions to happen. But I can’t shake the bewilderment that somebody who claims to follow Jesus Christ – and who obviously doesn’t have a clue about me or my life, but has decided they know everything about me – would just make something extremely hurtful and damaging up to lie about another Christian and then spread it around as gossip and rumors.

If we’re truly following Jesus Christ, this is sin.

At the very least, we are guilty of breaking both the 6th Commandment – “You shall not murder” –  and the 9th Commandment – “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.”

And even if we repent, we can’t take back and undo the damage we’ve done to someone else and make it as though it never happened. The person we did this to will bear the full consequences of our sins.

Do we as Christians not care anymore that we’re destroying another member of the body of Christ? Has murder become acceptable in our eyes?

And this murder, in my opinion, is far more devastating, damaging, and destructive than if someone pulls out a gun and kills someone, because we’re still breathing with a murdered reputation, murdered character, murdered spirit, murdered soul, and murdered heart and that’s a blow that, especially when a person is in the midst of trials and suffering, cuts our legs out from under us and takes us down with no getting back up unless God and Jesus Christ intervene to pick us back up.

Do we even think about the effects of slanderous, lying, malicious gossip and rumors? Or is so much more delicious and satisfying to talk about others that we just don’t care that it’s untrue and we’ve deeply wounded a soul that didn’t deserve it.

Today I can’t answer that. 

I have taken it to God and Jesus Christ and asked them to defend me, to deliver me, and to save me from this kind of treachery. That is the only hope and chance I have ever.



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