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Genesis 5

This will be one of the short posts you will read occasionally on this site as we cover transitions through time or inset chapters with lineages or both.

Genesis 5 is the first “begat” chapter in the Bible. I generally kind of skim over these, although I realize that how everything (and everyone) got from “this” to “that” is necessary, even if it puts me to sleep. 🙂 Perhaps because I’m the adopted child of parents whose parents died when they were little and who had no siblings, the whole family connection thing is just not part of my experience.

However, there a few notable things about Genesis 5 that I will highlight here. First it’s a “bridge” chapter that takes us over several hundred years from Cain’s going out from the presence of the Lord up to the time of Noah, whom we’re introduced to at the end of chapter 5, but learn more about in chapter 6.

This is the “bridge” chapter, as well for how humanity and society got from Cain’s time to Noah’s time, and there is a marked difference, although we see that Cain’s choice became the choice for all but eight people by the time we get to Genesis 6.


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