Concretized Christianity

Practical Application of the Word of God

Why I Started the “Concretized Christianity” Blog

I heard a sermon during the Thanksgiving 2010 weekend entitled “Concretized Christianity.” The point was that knowledge of the Bible alone is useless (just as any other knowledge alone is useless). If it remains an abstract, theoretical body of knowledge to us, then it does us absolutely no good.

So we must take the words from Genesis to Revelation, read them, process them – always asking the questions “why?” and “what does that look like?” – and then apply them 24/7 into our lives until they are totally integrated with our thinking, our speaking, our doing, our being. That is why God gave us this and what He expects us to do with it.

I will attempt to do that for myself with this blog. I find that when I see things in black and white (i.e., read), I learn and I remember and I do. When I just hear them (which is why audio or video Bibles would never work for me), I don’t remember. My mind focuses when I’m reading; it heavily filters and randomly wanders and gets easily distracted when I’m listening, and I either miss critical information or I dismiss as extraneous – “blah, blah, blah” – very important information.

So, writing my impressions, my thoughts, my processing, and my application of God’s word down as I go through it will make it stick better. And I desperately need it to stick better.

Off to Genesis 1.


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